Friday, August 26, 2022

Selfie Culture - Is social media damaging your (and your child's) mental health?


Photo by ROBIN WORRALL on Unsplash

It's been a while, way too long, but this is the return of the podcast! We're starting off strong with a very timely topic and a great guest. Paul Asay is Sr Associate Editor of an author and dad. We're talking about selfie culture and how comparison can harm your (and your child's) mental health. We discuss some steps to take to help mitigate the harmful effects of social media, ways to make sure you are staying in the moment and not trapped behind a screen, and we even discuss some photography tips and tricks. (Save some money by shooting your engagement photos at Olive Garden instead of Italy!) 

According to a 2018 survey, 82 percent of U.S. adults under 34 had taken and posted a selfie on social media. It’s safe to say that number has since increased. Instagram has over 53 million photos tagged with the hashtag #selfie. There’s even an entire industry dedicated to selfie events. But have today’s youth and young adults become so preoccupied with being seen on social media that they no longer enjoy real-life experiences? And is the obsession with posting that allusive “perfect photo” leading to an increase in low self-esteem and depression? Sadly, self-image on social media has had a devastating impact on many young adults’ confidence — even leading to an increase in demand for plastic surgery the past two years. 

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For the more tech-minded among us, it's worth noting this is my first podcast in my home studio using the Rode Rodecaster Pro II with an Electrovoice RE320 microphone and connected to my guest via my iPhone 13 and routed into the Rodecaster via bluetooth. 

Thursday, August 4, 2022

Back to School at Lone Jack Elementary with Mission of Hope

 It's back to school time in Kentucky. This year has been difficult for me personally, so it was nice to join forces with some friends to share some hope with the children at Lone Jack Elementary School in Bell County. Thanks to the supporters of Mission of Hope a truck-load of school supplies and hygiene items are now in the hands of deserving children in this rural Kentucky town. 

If you'd like to learn more about the work of Mission of Hope you can visit their website here.