Thursday, August 5, 2021

New Podcast: This one is Personal - Rough Road to Celebrating 15 Years

I didn't mean to take an 8 month break from doing shows, but it ended up that way. Recent medical issues have caused a significant disruption in my life, but things are improving! I finally got the time and energy together to record a podcast I've had on my mind for about a year. This August I'm celebrating my 15th anniversary in a job that I really feel is my calling. But don't think it was an easy road getting here. In fact I almost didn't make it. I almost gave up several times. Listen as I discuss the ups and downs of my journey. I hope you find it encouraging as you find your own path.

Thursday, December 17, 2020

New Podcast Episode: Laura Baxter Missionary and Founder of Joanna Ministries, Inc

Laura Baxter tells us how God prepared her to answer a big call to leave a successful, happy life in Central Kentucky and move to Honduras to minister to women escaping the sex industry. She had very little financial support, knew very few people and barely spoke the language, but she knew this is what God wanted her to do. She left home for a life far outside the comfort zone for most of us. But helping rescue women from sex trafficking was only the beginning. When COVID-19 and then not one but two hurricanes hit, Laura stepped up her mission work to the next level by serving those who serve. Talking to Laura you get the impression God is just getting started with her. I can't imagine the amazing things she will accomplish in the coming decades.
Joanna Ministries, Inc. seeks to work with churches and other ministries to reach teens who have been abused and may be at risk for life on the streets as well as being trafficked. We go into one of the local hospitals to talk with teens who are pregnant. We want to be available to them and let them also know that there are safe places they can go. In opening a pregnancy crisis center, we hope to reach teens who have been abused and have become pregnant. Sharing pre and post-natal care along with seeking to help heal their hearts in the process. Because of Laura's own experience in an abusive relationship, God has given her a heart for girls who have been abused; to be able to share that there is hope and healing through a relationship with Christ.

Learn more about Joanna Ministries, Inc here.

Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Radiothon 2020

Thank you for your support of our Troutman and Napier / Reliable
Residential Roofing radiothon to benefit God's Pantry Food Bank.
Because of your generosity families will be able to enjoy a
traditional home cooked Thanksgiving meal including turkey with all
the trimmings and dessert.

The staff at God's Pantry Food Bank was grateful for the donations,
and can't wait to get Thanksgiving meals to those in need! Thank you
for helping us make an impact in our community.

Thank you for your sport of Christian radio, and for sharing the love
of Christ with those less fortunate in our community.

God bless you & happy Thanksgiving.