Friday, September 24, 2021

Podcast: Elevate Christian Church Planter and Lead Pastor Rob Harlamert

On this episode I sit down with Elevate Christian Church Planter and Lead Pastor Rob Harlamert. Lexington, KY seems to have a church on every corner, so why plant one more? Why would Catalyst Christian Church in Nicholasville, KY, just a couple miles down the road from Lexington, KY, spend time, money and other resources to intentionally plant a church so close by? Listen in as Rob answers these and other questions and talks about his calling to ministry and ultimately church planting. 

Visit them this Sunday morning at 10:30 in the chapel at Lexington Christian Academy's Rose Campus on Reynolds Rd in Lexington, KY.

Thursday, August 5, 2021

New Podcast: This one is Personal - Rough Road to Celebrating 15 Years

I didn't mean to take an 8 month break from doing shows, but it ended up that way. Recent medical issues have caused a significant disruption in my life, but things are improving! I finally got the time and energy together to record a podcast I've had on my mind for about a year. This August I'm celebrating my 15th anniversary in a job that I really feel is my calling. But don't think it was an easy road getting here. In fact I almost didn't make it. I almost gave up several times. Listen as I discuss the ups and downs of my journey. I hope you find it encouraging as you find your own path.