Monday, December 15, 2008

The Improved Vicky AM 1250

We've been hard at work improving the line-up on WVKY Vicky AM 1250. Starting today you'll hear some new and some familiar voices. Check out the new schedule at Vicky's official website

And be sure to let us know what you think.

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Sanya Pallos said...

I had to write to tell you how disappointed I am with the changes you have made to your broadcast line up. Each morning I looked forward to waking up to Bill Bennett's show, so you can only imagine my shock when I heard Man Cow and his crude unchristian rantings along with the tacky condom commercials that go along with his show. I cannot believe that you have replaced an extremely intelligent, insightful, inspiring Christian man like Bill Bennet with this garbage. You did the same thing with Dennis Prager and now we have only John the screamer to listen to in the afternoons, so you just lost a very loyal listener.

Alexandra Pallos

Benson Gregory said...

Thanks in part to your comments, I’m pleased to inform you I signed the contract for Bill Bennett this morning. Dr Bennett will be back on WVKY starting Monday 3/9 @ 6 AM.

We value your opinion. Thank you for your honest feedback, and for listening.

Benson Gregory