Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Mission of Hope

My friend and Mission of Hope Executive Director Emmette Thompson just shared this email with me. I thought you would be interested in helping this worthy cause. Visit www.missonofhope.org or call the number below to make a donation.



Greetings, MOH Friends;


We have been blessed to provide new Bibles for the Children & Families we serve, over and over again at Christmas.  Two years ago, after sadly learning that many of those we serve might not be able to read to their Children; my dear friend Larry Austin helped locate for us a beautiful Picture Bible.  We were able to purchase 10,000 copies and every penny was donated to pay for these.  What a praise this indeed was.


Well, I have just learned today; that Larry has located an even nicer Picture Bible.  He has negotiated an amazing discounted price for the MOH.  These normally retail for $23.99 each and we can purchase them at $2.50 each.  I have informed Larry to go ahead and order all 10,000 of them.


We have had Donor Friends step up each year to pay for these wonderful and much needed Bibles.  I am humbly appealing for your assistance with Donations to pay for the Bibles I have just ordered.  I feel that I had to exercise my own faith today and entrust that God will touch the hearts of those who might deem this effort worthy.  We must continue to share The Word with those He has allowed us to serve.  It really is the greatest source of Hope we can ever give.


Thank you for your friendship and support.


Sincerest Regards,
Emmette Thompson, Executive Director - Mission of Hope
865-584-7571 (Office)