Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mission of Hope & Tornado Relief

I received this message today from Mission of Hope Director Emmette Thompson. They are right there on the front lines showing the love of Christ to those affected by Friday's storms in Eastern Kentucky.

Dear Mission Of Hope Friends;
I shared with you in recent days, about the devastation caused by the recent storms; in some of the areas we serve, and some we serve nearby.  I sent out e-mail and phone message appeals; to several of the Ministry Centers we assist.  I didn't realize until Monday, that one of those extremely special Ministry's; was already responding to the urgent needs of those impacted.
On Tuesday morning, our dear Friends from Blaine Church & Outreach; in Blaine, KY (near the KY & WVA border); made the 5 hour trip to Knoxville; for us to load their Truck & Trailer with anything we had that they could use; to get into the hands of families which had lost everything.  They began distributing those items yesterday.
After being in touch with the Staff at Alice Lloyd College, where we are blessed to have our Bill Williams Family Scholarship Endowment; we learned that several of the ALC Students, were from the Counties that were hit the hardest.  And several of them had found out that their Family Homes were totally destroyed.  So yesterday, our dear MOH Friend Don Peek; drove a MOH Truck to Alice Lloyd College, in Pippa Passes, KY; loaded with more items like we sent out on Tuesday.  And today, Alice Lloyd Students & Staff; will take those items over to some of those devastated Family's.  What a blessing and opportunity to serve this will be for them...To go and extend True Hope to some of their own.
There will be a great need for a long time; for help and assistance in these storm ravaged Communities.  I have asked the Staff at Alice Lloyd College; to keep us informed of future needs for their Students & Family's.  And I have also asked them to try and locate for us, a Family that we can send a cleanup and construction Volunteer Team too.  They will follow up with me, when they have more details.  What a special way this would be for the Mission Of Hope to help Students that are trying to get their College Education and now just need some help for their Family's.
Thank you for your friendship and support and for all you do to help us extend True Hope.
Sincerest Regards;
Emmette Thompson, Executive Director - Mission Of Hope
865-584-7571 (Office)