Thursday, October 29, 2020

Podcast with Congressman Andy Barr of Kentucky's 6th Congressional District

Congressman Andy Barr from Kentucky's 6th Congressional District is my guest this week as we head into the 2020 general election. Topics covered include President Donald Trump, the Paycheck Protection Program, a second economic stimulus package, Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi and partisan politics. The issue of abortion is discussed specifically late term abortion and the need for legislation to provide a guarantee for a child born from a botched abortion procedure to receive medical treatment to insure their survival.  Congressman Barr also discusses his work with, and on behalf of, US Military Veterans. He talks about how he was instrumental in getting Jessamine County's Camp Nelson designated as a National Monument with the National Parks Service, and the benefits to Central Kentucky.  Congressman Barr shares his opinion of our voting process in the shadow of the COID 19 pandemic, and whether or not he believes your vote will be counted.