Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lexington Radio Market

I am truly sorry to hear about the recent shake-ups around some of the radio stations in Lexington, KY. You hate to see anyone lose their job. We could debate all day (and then some) what the reasons were, and whether or not they were good programming decisions. Sometimes change is good. Hopefully the change will be good for all those involved and lead to better opportunities.

This is a great object lesson for supporting the radio station and programs you enjoy. Our stations are commercial, and don't rely on you, our listeners, for direct financial support. But please support our advertisers. Spend your money with businesses who support Christian Radio, and tell them you appreciate hearing them on Christian Radio. When you do this you are supporting us.

If there is a particular program you enjoy. Contact them and let them know. They are doing the program as a ministry, but it still feels good to know people are enjoying and growing from what they do. It only takes a minute to send an email. And when you contact them, be sure to tell them you heard their program on Life 99 WJMM or 770 AM WCGW.

As always, thanks for listening.